Conversation Threads
Conversation threads enable you to comment on descriptions, tags, and change events across asset types. Conversations enable you to collaborate in real time or asynchronously. Conversation threads facilitate questions, feedback, and suggestions from data users to help maintain and improve data.
You can @mention users and teams and #mention data assets. Conveniences enable you to make requests of teams that own an asset.
Conversation threads are associated with assets. Only people with some relationship to the asset are involved in the conversation. You may comment on conversation threads from the description or tag on which the discussion was started, from an asset-level view, and from your global activity view for all assets you own and follow.
API support enables a variety of integrations, for example with Webooks and Slack integrations
Conversations can be used to capture knowledge and enhance understanding. In future releases, users or owners will be able to flag certain threads and pin them on the entity page. We’ll work on providing the ability to convert the conversation threads into Tasks, so that we can nurture collaboration towards an action.
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