DBT Integration

What is DBT?

A DBT model provides transformation logic that creates a table from raw data.
DBT (data build tool) enables analytics engineers to transform data in their warehouses by simply writing select statements. DBT handles turning these select statements into tables and views.
DBT does the T in ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) processes – it doesn’t extract or load data, but it’s extremely good at transforming data that’s already loaded into your warehouse.
For information regarding setting up a DBT project and creating models please refer to the official DBT documentation here.

DBT Integration in Openmetadata

OpenMetadata includes an integration for DBT that enables you to see what models are being used to generate tables.
Openmetadata parses the manifest and catalog json files and shows the queries from which the models are being generated.
Metadata regarding the tables and views generated via DBT is also ingested and can be seen.

Configure DBT via UI or CLI