Profiler Workflow
Learn how to configure and run the Profiler Workflow to extract Profiler data and execute the Data Quality.
This workflow is available for ALL connectors!

UI configuration

After the metadata ingestion has been done correctly, we can configure and deploy the Profiler Workflow.
This Pipeline will be in charge of feeding the Profiler tab of the Table Entity, as well as running any tests configured in the Entity.
Profiler tab of a Table Entity
Data Quality tab of a Table Entity
You can learn how to configure the Data Quality of a Table Entity here.

1. Add a Profiler Ingestion

From the Service Page, go to the Ingestions tab to add a new ingestion and click on Add Profiler Ingestion.
Add Ingestion
If you already added a Usage ingestion, the button will directly specify to Add Profiler Ingestion.

2. Configure the Profiler Ingestion

Here you can enter the Profiler Ingestion details.
Profiler Workflow Details
Profiler Options

3. Schedule and Deploy

After clicking Next, you will be redirected to the Scheduling form. This will be the same as the Metadata and Usage Ingestions. Select your desired schedule and click on Deploy to find the usage pipeline being added to the Service Ingestions.