Upgrade on Bare Metal

This guide will help you upgrade an OpenMetadata deployment using release binaries.

This guide assumes that you have an OpenMetadata deployment that you installed and configured following the Bare Metal deployment guide.

OpenMetadata release binaries are maintained as GitHub releases.

To download a specific release binary:

  1. Visit github.com/open-metadata/OpenMetadata/releases. The latest release will be at the top of this page.
  2. Locate the Assets' section for the release you want to upgrade to.
  3. Download the release binaries. The release binaries will be in a compressed tar file named using the following convention, openmetadata-x.y.z.tar.gz Where x, y, z are the major, minor, and patch release numbers, respectively.

Using the command-line tool or application of your choice, extract the release binaries.

For example, to extract using tar, run the following command.

tar xfz openmetadata-*.tar.gz

This will create a directory with the same name as the download file minus the .tar and .gz extensions.

Change into the new directory by issuing a command similar to the following.

cd openmetadata-x.y.z

For example, to navigate into the directory created by issuing the tar command above, you would run the following command.

cd openmetadata-0.10.0

OpenMetadata ships with a few control scripts. One is openmetadata.sh. This script enables you to start, stop, and perform other deployment operations on the OpenMetadata server.

Most OpenMetadata releases will require you to migrate your data to updated schemas.

Before you migrate your data to the new release you are upgrading to, stop the OpenMetadata server from the directory of your current installation by running the following command:

./bin/openmetadata.sh stop

The bootstrap/bootstrap_storage.sh script enables you to perform a number of operations on the OpenMetadata database (in MySQL) and index (in Elasticsearch).

./bootstrap/bootstrap_storage.sh migrate-all


This step will be different in the 0.9 to 0.10 upgrade as it is a backward incompatible change.

Find specific instructions here.

Once you've dropped and recreated your data in the new version, restart the OpenMetadata server using the new release binaries. You may restart the server by running the following command.

./bin/openmetadata.sh start

If you are ingesting data manually or in a custom scheduler using OpenMetadata connectors, upgrade all your connectors by running the following command for each connector.

You will need to replace <connectorname> in the command below with the name of the connector you are upgrading.

pip3 install --upgrade "openmetadata-ingestion[<connectorname>]"

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