This schema defines the Metrics entity. Metrics are measurements computed from data such as Monthly Active Users. Some of the metrics that measures used to determine performance against an objective are called KPIs or Key Performance Indicators, such as User Retention.

  • id: Unique identifier that identifies this metrics instance. Refer to ../../type/basic.json#/definitions/uuid.
  • name: Name that identifies this metrics instance uniquely. Refer to ../../type/basic.json#/definitions/entityName.
  • fullyQualifiedName: A unique name that identifies a metric in the format 'ServiceName.MetricName'. Refer to ../../type/basic.json#/definitions/fullyQualifiedEntityName.
  • displayName (string): Display Name that identifies this metric.
  • description: Description of metrics instance, what it is, and how to use it. Refer to ../../type/basic.json#/definitions/markdown.
  • version: Metadata version of the entity. Refer to ../../type/entityHistory.json#/definitions/entityVersion.
  • updatedAt: Last update time corresponding to the new version of the entity in Unix epoch time milliseconds. Refer to ../../type/basic.json#/definitions/timestamp.
  • updatedBy (string): User who made the update.
  • href: Link to the resource corresponding to this entity. Refer to ../../type/basic.json#/definitions/href.
  • owner: Owner of this metrics. Refer to ../../type/entityReference.json.
  • tags (array): Tags for this chart. Default: None.
    • Items: Refer to ../../type/tagLabel.json.
  • service: Link to service where this metrics is hosted in. Refer to ../../type/entityReference.json.
  • usageSummary: Latest usage information for this database. Refer to ../../type/usageDetails.json. Default: None.
  • changeDescription: Change that lead to this version of the entity. Refer to ../../type/entityHistory.json#/definitions/changeDescription.
  • deleted (boolean): When true indicates the entity has been soft deleted. Default: False.

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