PinotDB Database Connection Config

  • type: Service Type. Refer to #/definitions/pinotDBType. Default: PinotDB.
  • scheme: SQLAlchemy driver scheme options. Refer to #/definitions/pinotDBScheme. Default: pinot.
  • username (string): username to connect to the PinotDB. This user should have privileges to read all the metadata in PinotDB.
  • password (string): password to connect to the PinotDB.
  • hostPort (string): Host and port of the PinotDB service.
  • pinotControllerHost (string): Pinot Broker Host and Port of the data source.
  • database (string): Database of the data source. This is optional parameter, if you would like to restrict the metadata reading to a single database. When left blank, OpenMetadata Ingestion attempts to scan all the databases.
  • connectionOptions: Refer to ../connectionBasicType.json#/definitions/connectionOptions.
  • connectionArguments: Refer to ../connectionBasicType.json#/definitions/connectionArguments.
  • supportsMetadataExtraction: Refer to ../connectionBasicType.json#/definitions/supportsMetadataExtraction.
  • supportsProfiler: Refer to ../connectionBasicType.json#/definitions/supportsProfiler.
  • pinotDBType (string): Service type. Must be one of: ['PinotDB']. Default: PinotDB.
  • pinotDBScheme (string): SQLAlchemy driver scheme options. Must be one of: ['pinot', 'pinot+http', 'pinot+https']. Default: pinot.

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