Pipeline Service

This schema defines the Pipeline Service entity, such as Airflow and Prefect.

  • id: Unique identifier of this pipeline service instance. Refer to ../../type/basic.json#/definitions/uuid.
  • name: Name that identifies this pipeline service. Refer to ../../type/basic.json#/definitions/entityName.
  • fullyQualifiedName: FullyQualifiedName same as name. Refer to ../../type/basic.json#/definitions/fullyQualifiedEntityName.
  • serviceType: Type of pipeline service such as Airflow or Prefect... Refer to #/definitions/pipelineServiceType.
  • description (string): Description of a pipeline service instance.
  • displayName (string): Display Name that identifies this pipeline service. It could be title or label from the source services.
  • version: Metadata version of the entity. Refer to ../../type/entityHistory.json#/definitions/entityVersion.
  • updatedAt: Last update time corresponding to the new version of the entity in Unix epoch time milliseconds. Refer to ../../type/basic.json#/definitions/timestamp.
  • updatedBy (string): User who made the update.
  • pipelines: References to pipelines deployed for this pipeline service to extract metadata. Refer to ../../type/entityReference.json#/definitions/entityReferenceList.
  • connection: Refer to #/definitions/pipelineConnection.
  • owner: Owner of this pipeline service. Refer to ../../type/entityReference.json.
  • href: Link to the resource corresponding to this pipeline service. Refer to ../../type/basic.json#/definitions/href.
  • changeDescription: Change that lead to this version of the entity. Refer to ../../type/entityHistory.json#/definitions/changeDescription.
  • deleted (boolean): When true indicates the entity has been soft deleted. Default: False.
  • pipelineServiceType (string): Type of pipeline service - Airflow or Prefect. Must be one of: ['Airflow', 'Glue', 'Airbyte'].
  • pipelineConnection (object): Pipeline Connection. Cannot contain additional properties.
    • config

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