DatabaseService Profiler Pipeline Configuration.

  • type: Pipeline type. Refer to #/definitions/profilerConfigType. Default: Profiler.
  • databaseFilterPattern: Regex to only fetch database with database name matching the pattern. Refer to ../type/filterPattern.json#/definitions/filterPattern.
  • schemaFilterPattern: Regex to only fetch schema with schema name matching the pattern. Refer to ../type/filterPattern.json#/definitions/filterPattern.
  • tableFilterPattern: Regex to only fetch tables with table name matching the pattern. Refer to ../type/filterPattern.json#/definitions/filterPattern.
  • generateSampleData (boolean): Option to turn on/off generating sample data. Default: True.
  • profilerConfigType (string): Profiler Source Config Pipeline type. Must be one of: ['Profiler']. Default: Profiler.

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