API Organization
OpenMetadata has the following APIs. See this sandbox link for full documentation related to APIs.
    Data Asset APIs - These API endpoints support operations related to data asset entities.
    Service APIs - These API endpoints support operations related to services from which metadata is collected:
      .../api/v1/services is the collection of all service resources.
      .../api/v1/services/databaseService - APIs related to database services. This includes transactional databases - MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL, Oracle, and data warehouses - Apache Hive BigQuery, Redshift, and Snowflake.
      .../api/v1/services/dashboardService - APIs related to dashboard services. This includes Looker, Superset, and Tableau.
      .../api/v1/services/messaingService - APIs related to messaging services. This includes Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar (work in progress).
    Teams & Users APIs
      .../api/v1/teams - APIs related to team entities
      .../api/v1/users - APIs related to user entities
    Search & Suggest APIs - These API endpoints support search and suggest APIs:
      .../api/v1/search - collection for search and suggest APIs
      .../api/v1/search/query - search entities using query text
      .../api/v1/search/suggest - get suggested entities used for auto-completion
    Other APIs
      .../api/v1/tags for APIs related to Tag Category and Tag entities
      ../api/v1/feeds for APIs related to Threads and Posts entities
      .../api/v1/usage for reporting usage information of entities
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