Audit Log
This schema defines the Audit Log type to capture the audit trail of POST, PUT, and PATCH API operations.
Type: object
This schema does not accept additional properties.


  • method required
    • HTTP Method used in a call.
    • Type: string
    • The value is restricted to the following:
      1. 1.
      2. 2.
      3. 3.
      4. 4.
  • responseCode required
    • HTTP response code for the api requested.
    • Type: integer
  • path required
    • Requested API Path.
    • Type: string
  • userName required
    • Name of the user who made the API request.
    • Type: string
  • entityId required
  • entityType required
    • Type of Entity that is modified by the operation.
    • Type: string
  • timestamp
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