Entity Reference
This schema defines the EntityReference type used for referencing an entity. EntityReference is used for capturing relationships from one entity to another. For example, a table has an attribute called database of type EntityReference that captures the relationship of a table belongs to a database.
Type: object
This schema does not accept additional properties.


  • id required
  • type required
    • Entity type/class name - Examples: database, table, metrics, databaseService, dashboardService...
    • Type: string
  • name
    • Name of the entity instance. For entities such as tables, databases where the name is not unique, fullyQualifiedName is returned in this field.
    • Type: string
  • description
    • Optional description of entity.
    • Type: string
  • displayName
    • Display Name that identifies this entity.
    • Type: string
  • href

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