0.13.2 Release - Jan 30th 2023 🎉

  • We have collaborated with the sqllineage and sqlfluff communities to improve the parsing capabilities of sqllineage. We'll continue to collaborate to ship further improvements in new releases.
  • Moved from a tree view in the left panel to an easy to navigate list of the terms sorted alphabetically.
  • The term list shows the tags and descriptions in the cards.
  • You can now export your Glossary data as a CSV file.
  • In the same way, you can now bulk upload terms to a Glossary by adding their details in a CSV file.
  • The import utility will validate the file and show you a preview of the elements that are going to be imported to OpenMetadata.
  • Renamed Tag Categories to Classification, a more widely used term.
  • Updated the API to conform with the rest of the specification. More info here.
  • When creating a Classification or a Glossary term, you can now make the tags to be mutually exclusive.
  • If tags are set to be mutually exclusive, you won't be able to set multiple tags from the same category in the same asset.
  • Special characters
  • Performance Improvements: We are now getting descriptions in batch, making connectors such as Redshift or Snowflake way faster!
  • The Oracle connector now ships with the Thick mode enabled.
  • AWS QuickSight fixes
  • DB2 constraints and profiler improvements
  • Added support for Postgres Foreign Tables
  • Added support for Datalake profiler row-based sampling

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