OpenMetadata community is on a monthly release cadence. At every 4-5 weeks we will be releasing a new version. To see whats coming in next releases, please check our Roadmap section.

Latest Release - 0.9.0 - March 10th, 2022

Release OpenMetadata 0.9.0-release Β· open-metadata/OpenMetadata


  • Conversations in the main feed
  • Users can ask each other questions, add suggestions and replies
  • Turn some of the threads into tasks and provide it in MyData as number of tasks
  • Glossary
  • Table details - Click through on usage to see who or what services are using it, what queries are pulling from it.

Data QualityAbility to create and monitor the test cases

  • Data Quality Tests support with Json Schemas and APIs
  • UI Integration to enable user to write tests and run them on Airflow


  • Glossaries are a Controlled Vocabulary in an organization used to define the concepts and terminologies specific to a particular domain.
  • API & Schemas to support Glossary
  • UI support to add Glossary and Glossary Terms .
  • Support for using Glossary terms to annotate Entities and Search using Glossary Terms


  • Apache Iceberg
  • Azure SQL
  • Clickhouse
  • Clickhouse Usage
  • Databricks
  • Databricks Usage
  • Delta Lake
  • DynamoDB
  • IBM DB2
  • Power BI
  • MSSQL Usage
  • SingleStore
  • Apache Atlas ,Import Metadata from Apache Atlas into OpenMetadata
  • Amundsen, Import Metadata from Amundsen into OpenMetadata


  • DataSource SQL Parsing support to extract Lineage
  • View Lineage support


  • Capture pipeline status as it happens


  • Security policies through the UI
  • Configuration personas and authorization based on policies
  • AWS SSO support

0.8 Release - Jan 22nd, 2022

Release OpenMetadata 0.8.0-release Β· open-metadata/OpenMetadata

Access Control Policies

  • Design of Access Control Policies
  • Provide Role based access control with community feedback

Eventing Webhook

  • Register webhooks to get metadata event notifications
  • Metadata Change Event integration into Slack and framework for integration into other services such as Kafka or other Notification frameworks


  • Delta Lake
  • Iceberg
  • PowerBI
  • Azure SQL

0.7 Release - Dec 15th, 2021

Release OpenMetadata 0.7.0 Release Β· open-metadata/OpenMetadata

Theme: Data Collaboration - Activity Feeds,

  • Users will have access to Activity Feed of all the changes to the Metadata
  • New and Improved UX for Search and Landing page

Support for Table Location

  • Extract Location information from Glue, Redshift
  • Show Location details on the Table Page

Elastic Search - Improvements

  • Support SSL (including self-signed certs) enabled ElasticSearch
  • New entities will be indexed into ElasticSearch directly


  • Metabase
  • Apache Druid
  • Glue Improvements
  • MSSQL - SSL support
  • Apache Atlas Import connector
  • Amundsen Import connector

Other features

  • Metadata Change Event integration into Slack and framework for integration into other services such as Kafka or other Notification frameworks
  • Delta Lake support, Databricks, Iceberg

0.6 Release - Nov 17th, 2021

Release OpenMetadata 0.6.0 release Β· open-metadata/OpenMetadata

Theme: Metadata Versioning & Eventing

Metadata Versioning and Eventing Framework

  • Capture changes to Entity Metadata from source and user interactions as versions
  • Versioned changes will be published as events for clients to consume to take actions on

Data Reliability

  • Improvements to Data Reliablity library
  • Capture custom measurements through user provided SQL

Airflow APIs

  • Airflow APIs to deploy DAGS and manage them
  • UI integration to deploy ingestion workflows


  • AWS Glue
  • DBT
  • MariaDB

0.5 Release - Oct 19th, 2021

Release OpenMetadata 0.5.0 release Β· open-metadata/OpenMetadata

Theme: Data quality and Lineage

Support for Lineage

  • Lineage related schemas and APIs
  • Lineage metadata integration from AirFlow for tables
  • UI changes to show lineage information to the users

Data Reliability

  • Improvements to Data Profiler
  • UI integration with Data Profiler to show how the table profile looks over the period of time

Complex Types

  • Support complex types such as Struct, Array with nested fields
  • UI support to add expand complex types and tag , add description for nested fields


  • Trino
  • Redash

Other features

  • Pipeline Entities are supported
  • Integration with Airflow to extract Pipeline details

0.4 Release - Sep 20th, 2021

Release OpenMetadata 0.4.0 Release Β· open-metadata/OpenMetadata

Theme: Topics, Dashboards, and Data Profiler

Support for Kafka (and Pulsar WIP)

  • Support for Message Service and Topic entities in schemas, APIs, and UI
  • Kafka connector and ingestion support for Confluent Schema Registry

Support for Dashboards

  • Support for Dashboard services, Dashboards, and Charts entities in schemas, APIs, and UI
  • Looker, Superset, Tableau connector, and ingestion support

User Interface

  • Sort search results based on Usage, Relevance, and Last updated time
  • Search string highlighted in search results
  • Support for Kafka and Dashboards from Looker, SuperSet, and Tableau

Other features

  • Pluggable SSO integration - Auth0 support
  • Support for Presto

Work in progress

  • Salesforce CRM connector
  • Data profiler to profile tables in ingestion framework and show it table details page