Local Docker Deployment

This installation doc will help you start a OpenMetadata standalone instance on your local machine.

If you'd rather see the steps in a guided tutorial, we've got you covered! Otherwise, feel free to read the content below 👇

Please ensure your host system meets the requirements listed below. Then continue to the Procedure for installing OpenMetadata.

chevron_rightOSX and Linux

From your terminal:

mkdir openmetadata && cd "$_"
wget https://github.com/open-metadata/OpenMetadata/releases/download/0.11.3-release/docker-compose.yml
docker compose up -d

This will start all the necessary components locally. You can validate that all containers are up and running with docker ps.

❯ docker ps
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                                                  COMMAND                  CREATED          STATUS                    PORTS                                                            NAMES
470cc8149826   openmetadata/server:0.11.0                             "./openmetadata-star…"   45 seconds ago   Up 43 seconds             3306/tcp, 9200/tcp, 9300/tcp,>8585-8586/tcp   openmetadata_server
63578aacbff5   openmetadata/ingestion:0.11.0                          "./ingestion_depende…"   45 seconds ago   Up 43 seconds   >8080/tcp                                           openmetadata_ingestion
9f5ee8334f4b   docker.elastic.co/elasticsearch/elasticsearch:7.10.2   "/tini -- /usr/local…"   45 seconds ago   Up 44 seconds   >9200/tcp,>9300/tcp                   openmetadata_elasticsearch
08947ab3424b   openmetadata/db:0.11.0                                 "/entrypoint.sh mysq…"   45 seconds ago   Up 44 seconds (healthy)   3306/tcp, 33060-33061/tcp                                        openmetadata_mysql

In a few seconds, you should be able to access the OpenMetadata UI at http://localhost:8585:


OpenMetadata ships with an Airflow container to run the ingestion workflows that have been deployed via the UI.

In the Airflow, you will also see some sample DAGs that will ingest sample data and serve as an example.

You can access Airflow at http://localhost:8080. Use the following credentials to log in to Airflow.

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Please follow our Enable Security Guide to configure security for your OpenMetadata installation.

If you want to persist your data, prepare Named Volumes for the containers.

  1. Visit the Features overview page and explore the OpenMetadata UI.
  2. Visit the Connectors documentation to see what services you can integrate with OpenMetadata.
  3. Visit the API documentation and explore the rich set of OpenMetadata APIs.

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