Here is the OpenMetadata Roadmap for the next 3 releases.
We are doing a monthly release and we are going to evolve fast and adapt to community needs. Below roadmap is subject to change based on community needs and feedback. our roadmap yet, please file an Issue Github or ping us on Slack
If you would like to prioritize any feature or would like to add a new feature that is not in our roadmap yet, please file an Issue on Github or ping us on Slack.

0.4 Release - Sep 20th, 2021

Theme: Topics, Dashboards, and Data Profiler

Support for Kafka (and Pulsar WIP)

    Support for Message Service and Topic entities in schemas, APIs, and UI
    Kafka connector and ingestion support for Confluent Schema Registry

Support for Dashboards

    Support for Dashboard services, Dashboards, and Charts entities in schemas, APIs, and UI
    Looker, Superset, Tableau connector, and ingestion support

User Interface

    Sort search results based on Usage, Relevance, and Last updated time
    Search string highlighted in search results
    Support for Kafka and Dashboards from Looker, SuperSet, and Tableau

Other features

    Pluggable SSO integration - Auth0 support
    Support for Presto

Work in progress

    Salesforce CRM connector
    Data profiler to profile tables in ingestion framework and show it table details page

0.5 Release - Oct 19th, 2021

Theme: Data quality and Lineage

Support for Lineage

    Lineage related schemas and APIs
    Lineage metadata integration from AirFlow for tables
    Lineage metadata integration from Looker, and Superset for Dashboards
    Extra lineage from queries for BigQuery, Hive, Redshift, and Snowflake
    UI changes to show lineage information to the users

Eventing & Notification framework

    Design for eventing framework for both internal and external applications
    Schema change event
    Schema change notification

Other features

    Data quality - Data profiler integration work in progress
    Schema versioning

0.6 Release - Nov 17th, 2021

Theme: User collaboration features

Support for User Collaboration

    Allow users to ask questions, suggest changes, request new features for data assets
    Activity feeds for User and Data assets
    Tracking activity feeds as tasks

Lineage new features

    Allow users to add lineage information manually for table and column levels
    Tier propagation to upstream datasets using lineage
    Propagating column level tags and descriptions using lineage (Work in progress)

Other features

    Metadata Change Event integration into Slack and framework for integration into other services such as Kafka or other Notification frameworks
    Data Health Report
    Delta Lake support, Databricks, Iceberg
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