After the dbt workflow is finished, check the logs to see if the dbt files were successfuly validated or not. Any missing keys in the manifest.json or catalog.json files will displayed in the logs and those keys are needed to be added.

The dbt workflow requires the below keys to be present in the node of a manifest.json file:

  • resource_type (compulsory)
  • alias/name (any one of them compulsory)
  • schema (compulsory)
  • description (required if description needs to be updated)
  • compiled_code/compiled_sql (required if the dbt model query is to be shown in dbt tab and for query lineage)
  • depends_on (required if lineage information needs to exctracted)
  • columns (required if column description is to be processed)

The name/alias, schema and database values from dbt manifest.json should match values of the name, schema and database of the table/view ingested in OpenMetadata.

dbt will only be processed if these values match

Below is a sample manifest.json node for reference:

Follow to docs here to see if necessary details are present in the manifest.json file.

Search for the following string Processing DBT lineage for in the dbt workflow logs and see if any errors are causing the lineage creation to fail.