Azure SSO for Bare Metal

Get the Client Id and Tenant ID from Azure Application configured in Step 3.

Get the Azure Service Application Client Id, Client Secret, Authority, Scopes from the information collected in Step 9.


  • Update authorizerConfiguration to add login names of the admin users in adminPrincipals section as shown below.
  • Update the principalDomain to your company domain name.

In 0.12.1 the className and containerRequestFilter must replace org.openmetadata.catalog by org.openmetadata.service.

Finally, update the Airflow information:

Before 0.12.1

Once the Client Id and Client Secret are generated for Azure SSO Service Application, add in openmetadata.yaml file for the information collected in Step 9.

After 0.12.1

Follow this guide to configure the ingestion-bot credentials for ingesting data from Airflow.