How To Run Ingestion Pipeline Via CLI with Basic Auth

Out of the box, OpenMetadata comes with a Username & Password Login Mechanism.

From 0.12.1 OpenMetadata has changed the default no-auth to Basic auth, So to run any ingestion pipeline from CLI you will have to pass the jwtToken and authProvider in the securityConfig.

1. Go to the settings page from the navbar and then scroll down to the Integrations Section. Click on the Bots and you will see the list of bots, then click on the ingestion-bot.


2. You will be redirected to the ingestion-bot details page. there you will get the JWT token, click on the copy button and copy the JWT token.


Alright, now you have the JWT token, let see how to add that into the workflow config.

Now Past the copied JWT Token into your pipeline securityConfig, So your final workflow config will look like this.

AuthProvider Should be openmetadata i.e authProvider: openmetadata

Now you can run the pipeline by running.