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How to Guides

How to Guides will give you a walk through on How to do things in OpenMetadata.

Overview of OpenMetadata

OpenMetadata is an all-in-one platform for data discovery, lineage, data quality, observability, governance, and team collaboration. It is one of the fastest-growing open-source projects with a vibrant community and adoption by a diverse set of companies in a variety of industry verticals. Powered by a centralized metadata store based on Open Metadata Standards/APIs, supporting connectors to a wide range of data services, OpenMetadata enables end-to-end metadata management, giving you the freedom to unlock the value of your data assets.

OpenMetadata is a complete package for data teams to break down team silos, share data assets from multiple sources securely, collaborate around data, and build a documentation-first data culture in the organization.

  • Centralized, Single Source of Truth for all your metadata.

  • Discover the right assets in time and reduce dependencies.

  • Foster Team Collaboration with conversations, tasks, announcements, and alerts in real time.

  • Build trust in your data with Data Quality Tests to ensure completeness and accuracy.

  • Track your data evolution with end-to-end Data Lineage.

  • Secure access to sensitive data by defining Roles and Policies.

  • Enhance organizational Data Culture to gain crucial insights to drive innovation.

  • Define your Glossary to build a common understanding of terms within your organization.

  • Implement Data Governance to maintain data integrity, security, and compliance.