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Here is the OpenMetadata Roadmap for the next 3 releases. We are doing a monthly release, and we are going to evolve fast and adapt to the community needs.

The below roadmap is subject to change based on community needs and feedback. Please file an Issue on GitHub or ping us on Slack if you would like to prioritize any feature or would like to add a new feature.

You can check the latest release here.


  • We will be adding support for NoSQL DB entities and Services with APIs
  • Support for Long Entity Names such as S3 paths
  • Import/Export support at all entities
  • Tag Propagation using Import/Export
  • Thumbs up & down to capture popularity of the Entities


  • ElasticSearch Connector
  • MongoDB Connector
  • SAP HANA Connector
  • Support for manifest file to describe a bucket schema in DataLake
  • Ingestion bug fixes reported from community
  • Support for Tableau & Looker data models

Alerts & Notifications

  • Durable queue to store ChangeEvents guaranteeing at-least-once semantics
  • Live BulkActions on ElasticSearch to handle Tag category deletion, owner change propagation, etc.
  • Support to get notifications via email when a user is mentioned


  • Enable search for custom properties
  • Upgrade ElasticSearch client


  • User Personal Access Token to access APIs as a user


  • Complete overhaul of OpenMetadata UI
  • Improved Landing page
  • Tours to learn and understand the features of OpenMetadata

Data Quality

  • Overhaul of Data Quality landing page to showcase Test suites and summary for the users
  • Table Diff test to compare two tables
  • Number Passed/failed rows for a test
  • Profiler to capture system level metrics when available

Data Insights

  • Data Insight UI improvements
  • Data Insight report to show most unused data assets


  • Support for parsing complex sql queries from community feedback
  • Tableau Custom SQL parsing for Lineage


  • Asset Deprecation, owners can mark assets as deprecated along with a notice of what new asset to use instead. Search will exclude deprecated assets

Data Quality

  • Suggest automated tests
  • Data quality panel in Data Insights


  • Propagation of tags and descriptions through the column-level lineage

Data Observability

  • Notifications will be grouped into Activity vs. Alert type notifications
  • Data SLAs
  • Impact Analysis

Roles & Policies

  • Simplifying Roles and Policies Evaluation in the backend
  • Adding integration into Search to filter out entities that the users do not have access to


  • Introduce Domain capabilities in OpenMetadata
  • Domain only view and allow users to create tags/terms specific to Domains


  • Glossary Term Approval Workflow