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dbt Workflow CLI

Learn how to configure the dbt workflow from the cli to ingest dbt data from your data sources.

Once the metadata ingestion runs correctly and we are able to explore the service Entities, we can add the dbt information.

Using python pip, Please make sure you provide appropriate version of ingestion in below command

This will populate the dbt tab from the Table Entity Page.



We can create a workflow that will obtain the dbt information from the dbt files and feed it to OpenMetadata. The dbt Ingestion will be in charge of obtaining this data.

Configure the dbt.yaml file according keeping only one of the required source (local, http, gcs, s3). The dbt files should be present on the source mentioned and should have the necessary permissions to be able to access the files.

Enter the name of your database service from OpenMetadata in the serviceName key in the yaml

After saving the YAML config, we will run the command for dbt ingestion