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Setup Multiple dbt Projects

You can set up the dbt workflow to ingest metadata from multiple dbt projects, each containing multiple manifest.json, catalog.json, and run_results.json files.

This functionality is supported for s3, GCS, and Azure configurations only.

To ensure the workflow operates smoothly, organize the dbt files for each project into separate directories and name the files manifest.json, catalog.json, and run_results.json. The workflow will scan through the specified prefix path in the designated bucket, traversing each folder to locate these dbt files.

The dbt workflow will scan through the provided prefix path in the specified bucket and go through each folder to find the dbt files.

Here's an example of setting up the dbt workflow for multiple dbt projects in an s3 configuration:

Place the dbt files (manifest.json, catalog.json, and run_results.json) in separate directories within the S3 bucket.

For this example, let's explore a directory structure where we have set up three distinct dbt projects: dbt_project_one, dbt_project_two, and dbt_project_three. We will configure the dbt workflow to pickup the dbt files from each of these directories.

Bucket name: dbt_bucket

  1. In the dbt Bucket Name field, enter the name of your bucket, which in this case is dbt_bucket.

  2. Specify the dbt Object Prefix path for the parent folder where your dbt projects are located. In this example, the prefix path should be set to bucket_home/dbt_files/.

If you wish to scan the entire bucket, only enter the dbt Bucket Name and keep the dbt Object Prefix field empty.


dbt Multiple Projects Prefix Example

After running the dbt workflow, the dbt metadata from all the three projects will be ingested.