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UserName/Password Login

Out of the box, OpenMetadata comes with a Username & Password Login Mechanism.

The default Username and Password for Login are:

Security requirements for your production environment:

  • DELETE the admin default account shipped by OM.
  • UPDATE the Private / Public keys used for the JWT Tokens in case it is enabled.

Setting up Basic Auth Manually

Below are the required steps to set up the Basic Login:

The following configuration controls the auth mechanism for OpenMetadata. Update the mentioned fields as required.

For the Basic auth we need to set:

  • provider: basic
  • publicKeyUrls: {http|https}://{your_domain}:{port}}/api/v1/system/config/jwks
  • authority: {your_domain}
  • enableSelfSignup: This flag indicates if users can come and signup by themselves on the OM

This configuration controls the authorizer for OpenMetadata:

For the Basic auth we need to set:

  • adminPrincipals: admin usernames to bootstrap the server with, comma-separated values.
  • allowedEmailRegistrationDomains: This controls what all domain are allowed for email registration can be your {principalDomain} as well, for example, outlook.comm etc.
  • principalDomain: This controls what all domain are allowed for email registration, for example, outlook.comm etc.

Please note the following are the formats to bootstrap admins on server startup: [admin1,admin2,admin3]

This works for SMTP-enabled servers, Login Password for these are generated randomly and sent to the mail adminName@principalDomain.

If SMTP is not enabled for OpenMetadata, please use the below method to create admin users: [admin1:password1,admin2:password2,admin3:password3]

This allows to bootstrap the server with given password, later on can be changed by specific users by visiting profile page.

For ingesting metadata when Basic Auth is enabled, it is mandatory to configure the ingestion-bot account with the JWT configuration. To know how to enable it, you can follow the documentation of Enable JWT Tokens.

Basic Authentication is successfully set. For a better login experience, we can also set up the SMTP server to allow the users to Reset Password, Account Status Updates, etc. as well.

Following are valid value for transportation strategy:

  • SMTP: If SMTP port is 25 use this
  • SMTPS: If SMTP port is 465 use this
  • SMTP_TLS: If SMTP port is 587 use this

Once your server security is set, it's time to review the ingestion configuration. Our bots support JWT tokens to authenticate to the server when sending requests.

Find more information on Enabling JWT Tokens.