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Keycloak SSO for Bare Metal

Once the Client Id is generated, add the Client Id in openmetadata.yaml file in client_id field.

Update the providerName config to the name you want to display in the Sign In button in the UI. For example, with the following configuration with providerName set to KeyCloak, the users will see Sign In with KeyCloak SSO in the Sign In page of the OpenMetadata UI.

The configuration below already uses the presets shown in the example of keycloak configurations, you can change to yours.


  • Update authorizerConfiguration to add login names of the admin users in adminPrincipals section as shown below.
  • Update the principalDomain to your company domain name.

Once your server security is set, it's time to review the ingestion configuration. Our bots support JWT tokens to authenticate to the server when sending requests.

Find more information on Enabling JWT Tokens.