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How to Add a Team

Creating a Team in OpenMetadata is easy. Decide on the teamType that you would like to add. Refer to the Team Structure in OpenMetadata to get a clear understanding of the various Team Types.

1. Click on Settings >> Teams. Further, navigate to the relevant BusinessUnit, Division, or Department where you would like to create a new team. Click on Add Team.


Add a Team

2. Enter the details like Name, Display Name, Email, Team Type, and Description and click on OK. The choice of the teamType is restricted by the type of the parent team selected. More information can be found in the Team Structure document.

  • Once created, the teamType for Group cannot be changed later.
  • Only the Teams of the type Group can own data assets.

Enter the Team Details

3. The new team has been created. You can further add Users or create another Team within it.


New Team Created

How to Invite Users to OpenMetadata

Data is a team game. Admins can invite other users.