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Overview of Data Discovery

Discovering data among thousands of datasets is hard without rich metadata and faceted search. OpenMetadata with a single catalog aggregates metadata about all data assets, and presents the right information to users depending on their needs. OpenMetadata aims to help data producers make smart decisions to evolve data and prioritize bug fixes; and help data consumers make timely decisions with the right data.

OpenMetadata provides a user-friendly interface for data discovery. OpenMetadata enables you to discover your data using a variety of strategies, including: keyword search, data associations (e.g., frequently joined tables, lineage), and complex queries. Using OpenMetadata you can search across tables, topics, dashboards, pipelines, ML models, containers, glossaries, and tags. OpenMetadata supports detailed metadata for assets and their components (e.g., columns, charts), including support for complex data types such as arrays and structs. Users can get a complete picture of their data by viewing the data evolution tracked using lineage and metadata versioning.

Watch the video on how easy it is to discovery your data in OpenMetadata.