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Glossary Approval Workflow

The business glossary plays a vital role in standardizing terminology in an organization. The Glossary Approval Workflow provides control where every term added to a business glossary has been reviewed and approved by the reviewers of the glossary. This helps avoid duplicate terms, incomplete definitions, and obsolete terminologies.

Watch the video to learn more about Glossary Approval Workflow

To automate the approval workflow, ensure that your Glossary has Reviewers assigned. If you glossary has reviewers assigned, the glossary approval workflow gets triggered when a New Term is added.

  • The new term will show up in the Glossary, but will be marked as Draft.
  • Only the assigned Reviewers can Approve or Reject the term.
  • A Task is assigned for the Reviewers.
  • The details of the glossary term can be viewed in the Overview Tab.
  • Users can discuss further about the term by replying on the task.
  • Other users can be pulled into the conversation using @mentions.
  • The approved terms will have the Approved label next to them.
  • Similarly, the rejected terms will be marked as Rejected.

In case, the glossary does not have any Reviewers assigned, then the glossary terms will be Approved by default.

Glossary Styling

Associate glossary terms to data assets making it easier for data discovery