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How to Set Alerts for Test Case Fails

Users can set up alerts to be notified when data quality tests fail.

To set up an alert for test failures:

  • Navigate to Settings >> Alerts
  • Click on Create Alert
Set up Alerts for Test Failure

Set up Alerts for Test Failure

Enter the following details:

  • Name: Add a name for the alert.
  • Description: Describe what the laert is for.
  • Trigger: Uncheck the trigger for All and add a trigger for Test Case
  • Filters: Add filters to narrow down to the Test Results which Failed. You can also add another filter to specify the FQN to only include the tables that you want to consider.
  • Destination: Specify the destination where the test failed notification must be sent. The alerts can be sent to Email, Slack, MS Teams, Google Chat, and other Webhooks. Notifications can also be sent only to Admins, Owners and Followers of data assets.
Configure an Alert for Test Failure

Configure an Alert for Test Failure

Save the details to create an Alert.