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How to Create an Announcement

Quick Tip: Always watch out for announcements on the backward incompatible changes. Saves a ton of debugging time later on for data teams.

To add an announcement:

  • Navigate to Explore and the relevant Data Asset section to select a specific asset.
  • Click on the vertical ellipsis icon โ‹ฎ located on the top right and select Announcements.
Announcements Option

Announcements Option

  • Click on Add Announcement.
Add an Announcement

Add an Announcement

  • Enter the following information and click Submit.
    • Title of the Announcement
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Description
Add the Announcement Details

Add the Announcement Details

This announcement will be displayed in OpenMetadata during the scheduled time. It will be displayed to all the users who own or follow that particular data asset.

Pro Tip: Create Announcements for deletion, deprecation, and other important changes. Let your team know of a tentative date when these changes will be implemented.

Data Asset Versioning

Review all the major and minor changes with version history