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Admin Guide

Admin users have access to manage all the data assets. They can manage all the functions to create, edit, or delete. Admins can manage Roles, Policies, Services, Notifications, Custom Properties, Data Insights and more. They can add other users, or create teams to onboard users. An organization can have multiple Admins so that separate Admins can effectively manage different teams and departments.

Get started with OpenMetadata with just three quick and easy steps.

Refer to the advanced guide for Roles and Policies once you are ready to start with advanced access management.

Admin Guide for Roles and Policies

Know it all about Roles and Policies to get started.

Set up fine-grained alerts and notifications for important data operations such as schema changes, pipeline failures, and data quality issues.

Set up Data Observability Alerts and Notifications

Send alerts to multiple destinations to keep the team informed.