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OpenMetadata UI

This guide will help you run OpenMetadata UI locally in dev mode.

Before proceeding, ensure that you have installed the node and yarn with the versions given below.

Install Node and Yarn.

Install ANTLR using our recipes via

Using the command below, spin up the server locally from the directory openmetadata-dist/target/openmetadata-*-SNAPSHOT.

Since typescript is heavily used in the OpenMetadata project, we generate the typescript types and the interface from JSON schema. We use the QuickType tool to generate the typescript types and interfaces. You can view the complete instructions here.

Once the node and yarn are installed in the system, you can perform the following steps to run OpenMetadata UI.

Step 1: Run the given command to install the required dependencies.

Note: Itโ€™s a one-time task to install dependencies. If there are any changes in the package.json file, the following steps will have to be performed again.

Step 2: Start the UI locally

Step 3: Visit localhost:3000 to access the OpenMetadata UI.