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How to Invite Users to OpenMetadata

Data is a team game and OpenMetadata is a platform to discover, collaborate and get your data right. Collaboration works best when all the team members have access to a standard tool. Admins can send invitations and invite users to onboard to OpenMetadata.

  • Navigate to Settings >> Users and click on Add Users.
Add User

Add User

  • Enter the details and click on Create.
    • Email,
    • Display Name,
    • Description,
    • Teams - Users can be invited to multiple teams.
    • Roles - Multiple roles can be assigned to a user.
    • Admin - Use the toggle to provide Admin access.

Note: Users will inherit the Roles that apply to the Team they belong to. Additional roles can be explicitly assigned to a user.

Add User

Invite User

How to Add Users to Teams

Add users to the relevant teams or sub teams.